Ish Monroe – Florida Practice

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IshBlogGame on boys…back on the water! Glad to be back!

I’m having a little break in between tournaments is kinda nice – I get to regroup, especially after having not such a good first event.

But, I am fired up and ready to go to Okeechobee.

But, I’m not even there yet; I’m on the St John’s for a little bit this week; practicing for the Elite Series – checking some stuff that I didn’t check before and I’ve been trying to find something else that not a lot of other guys found, you know?

You will get what Big Show did and he went opposite direction of most guys and found some fish that really hadn’t been pressured too much and finished second.
So, I am fired up with the new Lithium Batteries from Smart Batteries, they have been awesome on the water, because I am putting in long days and I am hammering on my MotorGuide; HARD! I guarantee you I spent at least eight hours on the trolling motor and didn’t even have a glitch and the battery still charged in two and a half hours.

I love these things! My boat is running good; I mean it’s got my Ranger Z521 and Yamaha 250 SHO running about 73 M-P-H solid on my Lowrance GPS.

So, on the water; hopefully Okeechobee will pay off and I will hit you guys after practice and let you know what’s going on. Hopefully I’ll catch ‘em; I’ll let you know what’s going on.