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NiggemeyerBlogHey, it’s James Niggemeyer here, just catching up with you guys since I got home from my last Central Open. And then also, I went up north and looked around at some lakes or a lake that might be on the venue – a lake that is on the list for the Elite Series for next year.

It was great to get home; you know, I was pretty tired and wiped out; just kind of relaxed for a day or so. Then I got my bearings and hung out with my family; did some fishing with my son; that’s always a blast! We went to a church picnic – a church campout – a men’s campout.

I brought my son and we didn’t sleep in my Lance Camper, what we did this time is we just slept in the bed of my pickup truck without the camper in it and obviously, it was pretty cold, probably in about the forties that night. We got in our own separate sleeping bags; side by side in the bed of the truck – of course he passed out before it was even eight o’clock while everyone was still up and runnin’ so…I crashed out after nine.

First thing he said in the morning was that he wanted to go fishing and man, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! There was a little pond there on the acreage that we were camping at so we headed out and caught a couple of fish and came back and had some breakfast. Daniel just choked down some breakfast burritos the guys made and just had a big time; he didn’t want to leave when it was time to go home. It was a really good time; we got to hear from a guest speaker on friendship and the value of having good friends in your life. It really hit home how much I appreciate the friends that I do have.

Anyway, I got some brand new St. Croix rods last week; the 2012 Edition of the Legend Tournament Series. Just excited about these rods; really really nice! They’ve got the new Micro Guide System. I can’t wait to put those through the motions; I’m probably going to get out there in the next few days and just fish around with them and really get the feel of them. The handles are incredible and the actions look great. Fit and Finish, St. Croix makes the greatest rod on the market. Just a beautiful handcrafted rod that they always put out there at St. Croix.

So, that is kind of what we’ve got going. I had a couple of guide trips once I got back – Friday and Saturday. The fishing on Lake Fork has been hit or miss. One day we caught them on top water and the next day we caught them on drop shot and spoons. I also caught them on that Strike King Sexy Spoon and just kind of mixed it up.

I am planning to get together and take a trip with a friend of mine out on Lake Falcon in December so I’m looking forward to that and then I am doing some guide trips down there as well, so it’ll be a blast. I’m looking forward to getting down there.

I also attended the third annual Texas Bass Cat owner’s event tournament. This year it was a two day event. Last year I was not able to fish it and this year I did. It was on my home lake; Lake Fork I was able to make the second day weigh in. I brought up my 2012 Bass Cat Cougar FTD for everybody to see; powered by my Yamaha 250 SHO and it was a good time.

They have just continued to grow the number of participants every year. I think they had 72 boats this year and for it being the hunting season in East Texas; that is really good. They draw them from all over and it was a really good time. I enjoyed visiting with all the Bass Cat people; all the people from Bass Cat as well as Jason was there from Bass Cat. He is one of the guys from the plant

Anyway, it was a good time – always great to meet people that run the same boat that I do and enjoy the same product.