James Niggemeyer – Cold Weather – Again Getting Busy as the Season Approaches

Power Pole

NiggemeyerBlogWe’ve had unusually cold weather for East Texas again lately. Ice and snow have been on the ground, and with the exception of the kids going outside for short periods to play in the snow, but we’ve all been pretty much stuck in the house.

I’ve been avoiding the colds that Sandy and the kids have been trading back and forth most of the winter, but it finally got me last week. I spent most of my time inside recuperating and lounging. I worked on tackle in the house a little bit, but I mainly tried to get healthy.

I’m going up to the Rockwall Marine promotion this weekend. They’re having an in house promotion and it will be fun to hang around with everyone and talk fishing, boats and maybe a little breakfast while we’re at it.

It warmed up a little and I got to go out for a little while Friday and do some of the break in work on my Yamaha 250 SHO Four Stroke. I can’t believe the technology that Yamaha has put into this outboard, it really performs well on my Bass Cat Puma FTD; and it’s not even broken in yet.

I’m excited to announce a new sponsor for 2011; Torklift International. Torklift is a company that specializes in RV and Towing products. I’ve used some of their products for a while now, and they really make a huge difference in the way that my truck performs under the heavy loads I pull.

I’ve been a camper on tour for quite a while now, and I’ve always used a cab over camper. The camper adds a heavy load to the truck, and it creates dynamics that need to be corrected. One of the products that I’m really looking forward to using is called Stable Load. It is a product that goes between the frame and leaf springs to support the weight better. I have been using Stable Loads for a while now and once they were installed I could feel the difference once I drove onto the road.

I’ll also be using the Super Hitch and Super Truss for towing the boat behind the rig. These two products really support the weight and help keep the frame from becoming damaged under really heavy loads. The Fast Gun is cool, because it’s a turnbuckle system for the camper that will save me a lot of time getting on to the next event.

Other than that, I’m getting ready to go to Lake Lewisville for the first Central Open for the year. I’ll be practicing over there this week, and the weather is supposed to be warm. I’ll leave practice for a couple of days to head to the Classic for my sponsors, and I hope to see you there.

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