Jeff Kriet – Squirrel Traps Crunch Time

Bucks Falcon Mercury

KrietBlogI’ve resolved myself to get more organized before I leave for the Classic this year. And, if you know me, that’s not an easy thing to say. I’m in the garage gettin’ things cleaned up and organized to go into the truck and boat so that when I leave for the Classic, I can pretty much head right to the Central Open Lake Lewisville and be ready to go.

I spent last week in Fort Smith, Ark. at a boat show workin’ for Copher’s Marine, and I’m scheduled to be in Tulsa this comin’ up weekend for Nichols Marine. Hopefully the area won’t get too hammered by this big storm we’re supposed get this week.

I’ve been in the shop riggin’ my Triton for the Classic, and as usual I’m up against it. I’m installing batteries and my electronics and getting’ it ready for my new Uncle Ray’s wrap to get put on.

I’m really happy to have a wrap deal this year, and lookin’ forward to workin’ with Uncle Ray’s to promote their potato chips to the fishing industry. What’s better than a day on the water and a bag o’ potato chips? Not much I suppose.

I’ll still be sportin’ my yellow black and red colors from the Longhorn days, which is pretty cool that we’re able to work that all in there.

Other than puttin’ fresh Hi Seas line on all my Revo and Soron reels, and miscellaneous tackle work, I’ve been workin’ on my Flippin’ skills.

I’ve spent an hour a day Flippin’ into a coffee cup tryin’ to tighten up my skills. I used to be a Flipper, but once I learned the offshore stuff, I enjoyed that so much, and the way our schedule falls, I didn’t use it near as much. My first Bassmaster win came Flippin’ and most of my early success was with a Flippin’ Stick, and now I’m not as good at it as I used to be.

How dumb is that? A bass fisherman losing his Flippin’ skills; that’s kind of like a professional golfer forgetting how to chip. Stef, my wife said it reminds her of what I used to do right after we got married, when I used to practice Flippin’ into a coffee cup in our apartment.

Anyway, I’m excited about the Classic and getting’ to the Louisiana Delta; it’s a great fishery. It’s one of those places that you could be on a mother lode of bass and not see another boat all day. At most places we go to, if you find yourself alone, it’s usually a bad thing, it means you missed the bite all together.

The Delta’s not like that, it should be a good tournament.