John Crews – Two Events and Two Weeks Home

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Crews Missile Blog HeaderI wanted to talk about the first two tournaments and the two weeks since the first two tournaments.

I had two decent tournaments; one decent, good tournament down in Texas –Sabine River was twenty sixth.  I put the big D Bomb to action down there and was able to scramble up enough fish to have a top thirty finish down there.  Not a horrible way to start the year because some of the guys really bombed in that tournament.  It can happen easily there because the keeper fish were so scarce.  So, it was nice to come away without getting hurt there and then it was pretty dang awesome to go down to Falcon and catch over 103 pounds of bass in four days down there on  Missile baits and the Missile Craw.  I finally got to show people what it could really do, that one has been a really great bait for me.

I think if people can start fishing that bait more they will find out that it will catch a lot of fish.

And since then, I’ve gotten home, but it took two days to get home because were delayed a day because of that wind day on Sunday, which postponed the final day to Monday so I didn’t end up getting home until the middle of the week after.

So I have been home for about two weeks, but it seems like I’ve been home about three days.  Things here in the Missile Baits office have been pretty crazy.  I took a trip with my family up to New York during the kid’s Spring Break so they could visit with my wife’s parents – we all love to visit up there.

It was nice to be home here during Spring Break, which I haven’t had in many years.

So, I got to enjoy that and now it is time to go fishing again – got a bunch of stuff to do before I go to Bull Shoals and trying to make sure that I get everything done and that I spend as much time with my family as I possibly can.

And then, it will be off to Bull Shoals and I am excited about it!

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