John Murray – After Lake Murray

Bucks Skeeter Yamaha

MurrayBlogActually last week was a lot of fun. Had a couple of good patterns. I had a good drop shot pattern on the points, had to catch keepers and throwing the Rover 128 in the morning to try to catch a good one! I did catch a couple good ones on the first and the last day, but not enough of them.

But I had a fun trip anyway; very consistent as far as the drop shot bite, I could catch 10 to 20 keepers a day that way so that was sort of nice.

We had a great campground there, stayed with everybody there, everyone was close, right on the point of Dreher Island and the rest of us packed it up and then we headed over to Nashville. We are going to stay in Nashville for a couple of days, got a friend of ours in Nashville, and Amy wants to see a couple of things there, T.J. wants to play here, so that’s our plan., we’ll probably fly to Phoenix at the end of the week, spend a couple of weeks there catching up on the local stuff there.

So, yep, turned out good to finally get a check and fish on a Saturday again and keep my hopes alive to keep fishing and making the Classic. So it looks like it will be a full summer of fishing and I’m looking forward to it.