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MurrayBlogMonday was my first day ever on Lake Lanier. I’m down here practicing for the PAA event this week, and I gotta tell you that coming to someplace new that I’ve never been to before can be a little intimidating. What makes that even more intimidating is that Lanier has so much water to fish.

My first morning went pretty well; I caught some really nice Lake Lanier spotted bass, but it started to toughen up in the afternoon. The truth is that the afternoon turned in to quite a struggle. But, part of being on any body of water for the first time is eliminating water as much as finding good water to fish, and I’m doing a little bit of both.

We spent the week between the St. John’s Elite Series event in Georgia camping in the All In family motor home. It was kind of neat to just hang out with Amy and TJ even though it was raining most of the time. There’s a couple of playgrounds near here that we’ve taken TJ to play at when the weather’s been nice and he’s had fun running and jumping at them; he’s having a ball.

Amy’s mom and sister are going to come down here this week, so Amy and TJ will have some company while I’m on the water, so that will be nice for them to hang out with them.

As far as my week goes, I’ve got two more days to tray and put something together and figure out these big Lake Lanier spotted bass. Hopefully it all comes together and we have a good week on the fishing end too.