John Murray – Back at LaCrosse

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MurrayBlogI am sitting on the banks of the Mississippi River – I am out waiting a huge lightning storm this morning – to go out practicing.

I came back to LaCrosse to fish an EverStart this week and really couldn’t see much of a bigger difference in the river – the river is down a foot or two; a lot clearer; a lot less current and it has really changed the fishing – as good as the fishing was about a month ago for the Bassmaster Event it is a lot tougher now – a lot of smaller fish and we are also facing a three fish limit so, that is even going to make it more difficult!

You just have to stay on those bigger fish, but, that is always a challenge in this place; finding those three pound plus fish is a little more challenging out here than some of the other places in the country.

But catching fish is – catch all sorts – pike; catfish; walleye and whatever else you want to catch – but catching some big bass is going to be the key.

I had a great week last week at St. Clair – fishing wise – not tournament wise – but I mean, it was probably the most unbelievable fishing I’ve been around for years. You can catch anywhere between 50 and 70 fish a day.  I was fishing, you know, the St. Claire River, and some awesome spots – caught a lot of fish.

I just never caught any of those three and a half – four pound fish – they seemed to disappear on me in the tournament, but it was sure a fun place to go.

So, right now, I am going to get back out there and go try to get a couple more days on this river and find some bigger fish on LaCrosse and hopefully find a few to do well in this tournament.