Dave Lefebre – Cup Prep and Home Building

Bucks Skeeter Yamaha

LefebreBlogWell, a month off in July didn’t sit well with me so I decided to head back up to Champlain to fish an EverStart Series event. It turned out to be a good move I guess, I finished 8th and made enough dough to pay for the rock on the front of our new house, lol.

I had a very good chance to win it actually, I had a 5 ½ pounder jump off on my very first cast on day 2 on a big swimbait and then I lost a 4lber late in the day…ugh! I thought I was done with that…not really, it’s fishing and you’ll always have to deal with stuff like that as irritating as it may be. JT smashed them on the last day and I’m glad he won if I couldn’t.

The guys got a lot done on the house while I was away. I feel stupid sitting out there watching them work, but it is just so interesting. I actually work on the laptop and do business out under a shady tree by the work site…it’s funny but cool. They are just beginning to frame. All the cement and block work is complete now and the first floor is supposed to be completed by the end of next week.

I’m having an Amish dude build our kitchen cabinets and vanities, he’s awesome and is ready to come up and get to work. I take him and his family some fish every once in a while in hopes he’ll shave his prices a little for us, lol. I’m surprised how much we’ve been involved throughout the whole process so far and how many decisions we have to make each week. It’s a bit scary as this will most likely be the house we live in for ever, so all of our spare time is spent going over and over (and over again) all of our options hoping to make the right decisions when the times come.

I’ve got my boat packed for Lanier practice already and Anne started packing the RV today too. She and the kids are excited to hit the road again to Georgia and of course I’m excited to win a championship and bring the Cup home to PA.

I did not go pre-practice as most did. I’ve heard conditions are different from the last time we were there, but I’m sure deep fish and drop shots will still be a factor despite what I’m hearing and reading. I’m going out on the water as much as I can this week and next to catch fish on light line and tune my electronics in. I’m excited to get to Lanier, I like the lake and I feel like I’ll be a contender in the end, I have a good feeling.