Mark Menendez – Summer Begins for Mr. Mom

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MenendezBlogSchool will be over this week for my children. They are ready to take on summer activities. It is a busy schedule after the final bell of the year. Horse Camp, Camp invention, Baseball, Golf, Art classes and the list goes on! I’m tired just thinking about it. These are my duties as a stay at home father this season.

My wife is finishing her protocol with Pancreatic Cancer. We will be entering the monitoring phase soon. She passed her six month scans and check up! Donna has made incredible strides to normalcy.  She just wants her job back as a mom! I can’t blame her. My domestic skills have increased over the last seven months. I still can’t fold and wash clothes the way she wants!

Staying at home has allowed me time to do things with my children. Professional anglers have windshield time, practice time, and tournament time. This does not take in to account the promotional events. It was baseball time this weekend. My son’s team is starting to learn where the ball needs to go. They are starting to hit the ball very well. Max drove the tying run in the last game. His team scored a win with a walk off double. They won the game 5-4. This was an exciting game for both teams. Watching the evolution of these seven year olds has been a blast. They are really improving weekly.

My next event will be the Skeeter Owners Tournament at Lake Fork in Texas. This will be an anniversary event for Skeeter. This hourly big bass event will give away two Skeeter Boats this year! The event is expecting up to 1,000 boats! It truly is a family reunion for all the boat owners. We will fish, compete, and eat at the event! I always look forward to the Skeeter Bug Shootout. This is a two hour tournament for the hourly winners to fish with a Skeeter Pro for a special prize. I have been the runner-up twice! I would love to help an owner win the event this year!

We are looking forward to a very special summer. Kentucky Lake will be a destination I want to go to as well. I’m just about ready to put my Skeeter Boat in the water soon! I need some fishing time!