John Murray – Back from Brazil

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MurrayBlogSo, I just got back from the Amazon in Brazil, and I took a couple of days to relax and reflect – so you know, first things about Brazil was the safety. It was just a great easy trip; no bugs; we sat on the beaches all week and never had a mosquito. I had more mosquitoes in Phoenix last week than I did in Brazil.

So, the safety and the comfort and the food was great and the rates were great. Everything was great about the trip. That was my first area of concern about the trip and it was awesome.

Fishing wise, I caught one on my first cast and I caught one on my very last cast – both of them about five or six-pound peacocks that just kicked my butt. So I had a great trip fishing wise and I even caught a couple of tens. I caught a ten pounder the second day on a River2Sea Whopper Plopper – rippin’ it real hard. But like Skeet said on his blog, most of the big fish, most of the fish for that matter came on jigs – they wanted to go down a little deeper because of the high water.

JohnMurrayPeacockI had a great time; caught quite a few nice fish, but the biggest I caught were those tens though. Caught a lot of fish though; caught a couple of piranhas; caught all kinds of fish I don’t even say what they were – don’t even know what they were. So that was just the great part of the fishing trip.

As far as the overall trip, you know, I am a big baseball fan; so sitting around listening to Chris Carpenter and Roy Halladay, and BJ Ryan, one of the better closers that retired a few years ago two of the best pitchers in the major leagues today – talk was amazing. Just listening to their stories about baseball; the ins and outs; and the personalities of players throughout the league was the best part of the trip.

It was just invaluable; it was just the best – because I enjoy that kind of stuff. You know, I love hearing all the ins and outs of the World Series and the Cy Youngs and all the awards that they have earned. I sorta sat like a fly at the back at night while we had some dinner and drinks and listened and really enjoyed that part of our trip.

I want to thank Skeet for the custom rods he and Ryan McCullough from Wright & McGill brought. They had a bunch of custom made Skeet Reese rods down there for all of us to use that saved us a lot of money of money getting rods down there.

I also want to thank River2Sea for getting me a bunch of baits to use while I was there too. It was just a great trip – a once in a lifetime trip for me and just, you know, I’ll probably – it’s been a good kick start for the end of the year – really makes me feel good going into the next year, it motivated me in a lot of ways listening to those guys.