John Murray – In Phoenix Getting Ready

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Lews Fishing

MurrayBlogI’m really just hanging out down here in Phoenix. It has been absolutely perfect weather; 75 to 80 degrees for really, about the last couple of months; and there’s no change in sight.

Unfortunately, that means not a lot of rain, so it means our lakes are a little down down here and so, I really would trade all this beautiful weather for a couple of really good storms.

But, it has been beautiful to be out – I have done a few guide trips and got a few more guide trips coming up…a few seminars coming up around here in town at Cabela’s and stuff and hopefully doing a few more before the end of the year.
I’m just waiting on my new boat; my Ranger is being built as I speak; getting my Lowrance stuff and hopefully Mercury stuff pretty soon; Power Poles – all that stuff that goes on the boat – should be ready to go in a couple of weeks or so and then I will be back on the water to fish a lot more than I am right now.

So, all I’m doing is taking TJ to school and picking him up each day and also just doing a lot of technical stuff – just trying to get stuff organized.

That’s the big scoop down here in Arizona.

We had a great Thanksgiving and wish everyone some great holidays coming up, I hope everyone is doing great.