John Murray – Smallmouth, Family Reunions and ICAST

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by John Murray

As I type this, I am floating out in the middle Oneida catching some nice smallmouth during my practice period for the first Bassmaster Northern Open for 2017. Fishing’s really wonderful up in New York and I’m enjoying my trip.

I used the time efficiently too, because I actually was up at Champlain a couple days scouting for the Elite Series event before coming over here to fish on Oneida.

A few of these would be nice at Oneida!

It’s a good time of year when you can fish up here; stay cool, catch big smallmouth, and all the things go with it. It’s just it’s just a great trip and besides the fact that I’m actually fishing a tournament, it’s almost like a vacation to me.

After the tournament I’ll be heading home to Spring City, Tenn where we have a family reunion next week, and then we have ICAST right after that.

That always an exciting time of the year to see what the industry produces. I’ll be down at working with my sponsors Gene Larew, River2Sea, Garmin, Lew’s, and of course, I’ll have some videos right here on Advanced Angler with all of my different sponsors. ICAST is cool, and I’m looking forward to get down there, to see all my friends.

I guess that’s it for now, I’m going to go catch some more smallmouth.

Talk to you soon