John Murray – Summer Business and Fun

Bucks Falcon Mercury

MurrayBlogHey Guys, this is John Murray, and I’m having a tremendous summer.

I had a great ICAST Show where introducing two new baits; the Papa Murray Football jig for River2Sea and the Tattletail Worm for Gene Larew, both new baits that I am pretty excited about; they should be introduced this fall.

Then, I headed over to Lake St. Clair for four days of practice; just checking out Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair for the next month Bassmaster event.

I am trying to stay current on those lakes – it has been a while since I have spent a lot of time on them so, I am stopping from time to time, learning and catching a few fish; its got to have more smallmouth than pretty much any lake I have ever been to.

Definitely been a pretty great summer.  Coupled that with a trip to the Thousand Islands a couple of weeks ago – man, I have caught some nice smallmouths this summer and hopefully can catch a few more that last two Elite tournaments.

Now we are going to have to have a week or two off hanging out at the farm with Amy and TJ and try to get my tackle, boat and all that good stuff ready to go tackle the last two tournaments.

Should be a great end to the season, hopefully I can hang in there and make my seventh Classic.