Feature Video – Under the Lid with Casey Scanlon

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Casey Scanlon Nitro StarboardCasey Scanlon is in his second year of competition on the Bassmaster Elite Series, and for a second year tour pro, he has started to build a solid career.  At a time when the pressure of going full-time can become extreme pressure with the costs of the Elite Series, Scanlon has shown that he can be steady, and throw in a flash of brilliance as well.

He earned his first B.A.S.S. victory on Table Rock Lake last year, qualified for his first trip to the Bassmaster Classic, then went on to earn his first Elite 12 at Bull Shoals just a few short weeks ago with a third place finish there.  All sign of an angler building a solid career.

But, being a bass pro is more than just catching fish, and Scanlon shows us today that he has the off the water skillset as well.

Today, we run the next installment in our ever popular Feature Video Series, Under the Lid with Scanlon.  The Lenexa, Kan. pro takes us through every square inch of his Pro’s Choice Marine wrapped Nitro Z9 / Mercury tour boat.  Along the way, we learn some valuable tips about tackle storage, organization, and how Scanlon sets himself up to think about what matters most on a business day – the fish.

So, take a few minutes and check out Under the Lid with Casey Scanlon, filmed for Advanced angler by Travis Perret of True Image Promotions.