Fish with Ish – In Flippin Pickin’ up the Z521

Bucks Falcon Mercury

IshBlogI told you I was really getting into my favorite techniques this year, well I did it, I’m really in Flippin.

I’m in Flippin, Ark. waiting to pick up my new white, black and blue Z521. Getting here was easy enough, and once they finish the boat, I can start heading back to Cali. They’re just a little ways away from taking it over to the finishing room. That’s where they install fishfinders, hang motors and do little final touch ups.

They’ll be putting my Lowrance units on the boat, and doing a few other things, but my Yamaha SHO 250 Four Stroke is at my home dealer, C&C Marine in Modesto waiting to get hung on the transom when I get home. Between the Ranger plant and C&C Marine, my boat gets the best workmanship.

IshHookedUpI thought I was going to be stressed here in the hotel room, but it’s the opposite. I’ve been able to focus on work, and concentrate on getting my mental game in shape. I’ve also been working hard on getting my body in shape too, even here; I’m working at it in the hotel fitness room.

I’ve come to realize that the difference between all of us is our mental game. All of us can cast, all of us can find quality fish at this level. All of us are capable at winning just about any tournament we enter. What separates us is our heads. Skeet and Kevin are always good; they always catch ‘em. The difference for them is that when they go on a tear, they fish like Skeet did last year.

When others hit our strides, we might catch up to where they normally compete at, and I want to get to where my normal performance is really good, and my best is almost untouchable. I’ve also taken a page out of the recent success Michael Vick has had this year. He said he knew he would have to have an attitude to be as ready as he could be to avoid distraction; and he’s had an MVP season.

I’m still deciding about fishing the Shasta FLW Everstart event in a couple weeks. I really want to, but am thinking that it might create too much pressure on me to get everything done in time to go east.

Outside of that, I’m working on a couple of signature kits with my sponsors at Snag Proof and Paycheck Baits that will be available at my Yo Ish store. The Phat Frog kit will have two Phat Frogs, and all of the stuff you’d need to modify a frog, pens, pliers, glue – they’re ready for everything. My Punch kit will have my three favorite Paycheck Punch Skirts, some 4/0 and 5/0 Punch Hooks, Punch Stops all n a 3600 size Plano box. People will be able to pick up one of these kits and have almost everything they need to go froggin’ and punchin.’

I’ve also been working on a few exclusive Phat Frog colors for a few dealers. Ishalicious will be at Bass Pro Shops, Blowin’ Smoke and SnagProof-Ish-Phat-Exlosive-2Explosive will be at Monster Fishing Tackle and Fred’s Frog Color will be at Tackle

It’s getting’ close to game time.