WON Bass Launches U.S. Open Format Event in NorCal

Bucks Falcon Mercury

WON Bass, the parent company of the U.S. Open of Bass Fishing, has decided to honor the requests of Western Anglers and create a similar formatted event in Northern California, at  Clear Lake.  The event is to be held June 10 – 12, and the pro winner is guaranteed to earn a Nitro Z7/ Mercury package.

Entry deadline is 5:00PM June 5, so there’s still time.

Te enter:

Go to – www.wonbass.com’s Clear Lake Open Signup Page – http://www.wonews.com/c-112-clear-lake-open-3-day-june-10-12-2013.aspx

Or contact- Billy Egan
WON Bass Director
949-366-0030 x40

Here are some of the highlights about the plans from the organization –

A more than 100% payback.

5 Year Plan to build this into the largest California championship OPEN ever.

Build longevity with our sponsorships and create an event that will be remembered for years

To build a Western Classic style California Bass Championship,one you did not have to qualify for or spend countless dollars to fish multiple events to qualify for.

Promised exposure..in Western Outdoor News paper and online to glamorize and fulfill angler accomplishments as well as  expose current and potentially garner new sponsorships


Bob Twiliger, the owner of Western outdoor news, said this about the event.

“We need to show support to our own guys and help them as best we can by offering the winner of the Clear Lake Open and the US OPEN a full cover photo in WON BASS and a MAJOR ( full page ) feature on them and their win, etc. We will also put it up on our websites, and it will be there on the WON BASS page archives. We will mention all of their sponsors, and just make them look like the next Aaron Martens etc. Most of our winners are the better anglers, but most every pro who enters ( and most of us guys in general) have big egos so they feel like with a little luck they can win. What we do with tournaments is based mostly on that dream and goal, and we need to support it by promising to do our part of making hero’s of our winners.”