Justin Kerr – Sick Fighting a cold and Getting Ready for a Tournament

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KerrBlogI hate being sick. I wanted to go out on the water more all week, but I’ve been in bed sick. I’m starting to feel better, which is good, because I’ve got another tournament this weekend.

I finished second in the Angler’s Choice Team tournament on Lake Havasu last weekend fishing with John Perkins again. The weights were down a little bit. We weighed just under 19 pounds, and found that we had to finesse them a little more. Most of our fish came shallow cranking an Evergreen Wild Hunch crankbait by Morizo Shimizu. Wild Hunch is a finesse crankbait that catches ‘em in tough conditions.

We’ve got another tournament this weekend on Lake Havasu, but things are probably going to change with the cold weather we’ve had here. The fronts that have come through Arizona have brought winds and cold temperatures, so I’m sure it will change. We’ve been able to catch them on crankbaits mainly, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a bunch of 4-pound Bass Seil Magic Hard-R fishing line on my Opus-1 Nero reels and medium light Heracles Combat Sticks.

It’s handy that the storm came through, because I just got my shipment of Roboworms in. I got a bunch of my Kerrlicious color; a color I worked with those guys to come up with. The four-inch worms might get quite a workout this weekend.

One thing I’ve been thinking about as I’ve been laying here fighting off this cold is how to get ahead out there on tour this year, and it all comes down to paying attention to the little details. It’s the little details that make all the difference in the world out there on tour when everyone is so closely matched.

Speaking of closely matched, I took a look at the results of the FLW Tour Open on Okeechobee before putting this blog together, and they crushed them on day one. I can’t believe how big those weights were. 52 anglers broke the 20-pound mark on day one.

I hate slugfest tournaments; they are the hardest tournaments to be competitive in. I can’t imagine what it feels like to have 20 pounds and walk away outside the top 50 after the first day; which would be so frustrating.

Anyway, they really caught them, and I’ll be interested to see how it goes the rest of the tournament.

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