James Niggemeyer – Sunshine New Synergy Wrap

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NiggemeyerBlogThe boat is back from the graphics company, and I really like it. The Synergy Technologies wrap is totally different than anything I’ve ever done before, it’s been pretty much gray and neutral colors in the past; well I changed it up this year.

The wrap company told me it looked like a sunrise, and when I got there to pick it up; it certainly did. It’s bright, yellows and oranges all over, and we did it so that we could try to show off the sponsors a little bit better than it has before, and I think we did that.

James_Niggemeyer_2011_Synergy_Boat_WrapThis is my first time to run the Bass Cat Puma FTD. I’ve had a Puma and I’ve run the Cougar FTD for the last two years and this one is kind of a blend of the two. I really like the new console and how I can flush mount my Humminbird 1198 right in. It really looks clean and everything is right in front of me.

I’m preparing my boat for the year, and I can be pretty particular about having things just so. I re-run the transducer wire on my MotorGuide and tape it up then zip tie it in place, that way there’s nothing to get caught on stumps, branches, etc. I also finished dropping four group 31 batteries in the back and zip tied things together to keep it orderly.

As far as the inside storage, I’m starting to remember how I stored things in the Puma. I don’t want to find myself, hunt for anything and this boat has a handy little tool holder for just that. I also like to add the Gator Grip Tackle Rac to every boat I use to help keep things at my finger tips.

We’ve been hit hard with the cold weather here lately like so much of the country, so I’m still waiting to get out and start breaking in my new Yamaha SHO. I always try to break in the motor responsibly, but I think I’ll wait a little longer to try and get some warmer weather before heading to the lake for a drive.

I got my year’s supply of Sunline in yesterday, as well as my new supply of reels from Ardent. I’m a big fan of the XS1000 and F500 reels, but I did order a new C400 in the new Fishouflage pattern as well as the F500, to give those a try. I’ll fill them with Sunline Shooter Fluorocarbon and the new FX2 Froggin’ and Flippin’ braid, then match them to their respective St. Croix rods.

I also just found a new product that will help me keep the screens on my Humminbirds clean called Wave Away. I spend a lot of time Flippin’ in the grass and my screens get really dirty, so this stuff is pretty good to keep handy. It comes with a microfiber cloth, and I can use it on my sunglasses and helmet windscreens too.

Other than that, things are getting super busy really fast. I’m going to work a show at Rockwall Marine in Rockwall, Tex. on the 12th and I’m going to spend a little time at Lake Lewisville pre-practicing for the Central Open after that. Tommy Yetts is the owner of Rockwall; he’s a good guy and tournament angler himself, so he knows what we need, and takes care of us really well.

To learn more about James or for information on booking him for a trip, visit his website at: www.jamesniggemeyer.com