Randy Howell Joins RIGRAP Pro Staff

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Randy Howell Joins RigrapJupiter, Florida USA – October 27, 2014 – With the greatest of pleasure, RIGRAP announced today that World Champion Pro Angler Randy Howell has joined RIGRAP’s pro staff.

Howell, a Bassmaster Elite Pro, and the 2014 Bassmaster Classic World Champion even before speaking with the folks at RIGRAP had been a fan of the new line of RIGRAP tangle free fishing rig storage products. “When I first came across RIGRAP I thought it was one of the best ideas for rig storage I had ever seen and was amazed just how easy and convenient they made my rig storage.  I can now pre-tie and have any number of rigs on hand and not have to worry about tangled drop shots or Carolina rigs. Now I just reach into a pocket and have a rig ready to go. I just doesn’t get better than that,” Stated Randy Howell.

Howell a marque angler and now one of RIGRAPs key Pro Staff team members will work closely with RIGRAP assisting with promoting their current line of tangle free storage solutions along with the development of specialty rig storage solutions specifically for the millions of bass anglers looking for a quick and easy way to stay rigged, ready and tangle free.

“Having my own RIGRAPs to use this year, I was thrilled to become associated with Glen and the RIGRAP brand. I’m excited to be part of something so new and innovative that I can assist with in not only building the brand, but by brainstorming with the folks at RIGRAP  helping to take rig and tackle organization to a level never achieved before RIGRAP came along. With RIGRAP’s effective design and functionality and some unique new products on the horizon, I’m very happy to be part of what is sure to become the best and easiest rig organizational systems ever created for bass anglers,” Stated Howell.

With a tournament career spanning more than 20 years, Howell has earned over $1.9 million, placed in the top 10 more than 40 times, and this year become one of the elite few to win the illustrious Bassmaster Classic.

“Randy’s experience and industry respect far preceded him. I feel blessed he has agreed to work with RIGRAP and become one of our valued team members and industry ambassadors. Randy is a dedicated professional with an unprecedented knowledge that I’m confident will significantly assist with building our brand for many years to come. I’m very encouraged about the opportunity to work with such an accomplished professional and gentleman and look forward to enhancing our current line while developing an array of new and exciting products with Randy’s input and suggestions,” Stated RIGRAP’s Glen Oberacker

RIGRAP was first introduced to the fishing industry just over 2 years ago and in that short time, has grown the line to include 14 different products and 15 SKUs.  From conveniently small to offshore extra-large, RIGRAP is proving to be the tangle free rig storage solution that is sure to become a staple in every Anglers tackle box.

For more information about RIGRAP, look them up online at www.rigraponline.com or by calling 1.561.200.2958. For information about becoming a RIGRAP distributor or dealer, email your inquiry to sales@rigraponline.com

For more information on Randy Howell, browse his website http://www.randyhowell.com, his Facebook https://www.facebook.com/RandyHowellFishing, or his Twitter www.twitter.com/therandyhowell  and Instagram www.instagram.com/randyhowellfishing