Skeet’s Beat – A Day for Kim

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SkeetBlogThis week started with Mother’s Day. So, me and the girls took Kim golfing at Black Oak Golf Course near our home in Auburn. We had a great time at the course. I had a few good holes, more bad ones, but I parred a couple of holes and didn’t on others.

The girls had a great time, they caught a crawdad, and saw some giant bullfrogs and we even came across a gopher snake too. It was a great day with the family.

I got some new baits from Lucky Craft in this week to test. One of them is a jerkbait that is really pretty bad ass. It has a completely different action than any of the other jerkbaits in the Lucky Craft family, and while I don’t know what it’s going to be called yet, it has a slashing action that I think anglers are really going to like. There’s a couple of others, but we won’t talk about those quite yet.

Berkley had their sales meetings recently and I was excited to hear the response the sales staff had to my new Havoc Sick Fish swimbaits. I’ve already seen what those are doing on the water, but the sales staff said that they think it’s going to be the hottest new bait in the Havoc lineup. I hope so, because at two for under $4, those little baits are the best Alabama Rig baits – by far. I’ve even caught them on a swimbait head- they’re; well, they’re sick. What else can I say?

We’ve also been working on the final packaging for a new 10-inch Havoc worm that I’m working on. I know that a lot of people have their take on a big worm, but with the new tail action and the little features I’ve built into it to make it the best hook to land ratio big worm on the market; I think it’s gonna be popular too.

Other than that, we’re really busy around here getting ready for our second annual Kids Fishing Day, and there’s so much to do. I’ve been doing prep work for that while trying to squeeze in workouts here and there and it seems like there’s never enough time in a day.

I’m even detail cleaning the ’09 Bassmaster Classic winning Stratos to take over there to put on display for everyone to see. I’ve still got it, and with a Classic win and two Elite Series wins on it; I’m pretty proud of it.

Anyway, I’ll check in next week with a report on the Kids Day. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @SkeetReese1