Ish Monroe – Season Half Over

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IshBlogWOW – half the season’s done.

I’ve been on the road for four weeks; just one more week to go here FLW Potomac this week.

Had a decent week at the PAA – another top ten finish there.

Been a heck of a run on the season this year and lots of thanks to my baits – you know, my Biggie Series crankbaits by River2Sea have definitely played a part for me, at almost every event this year.

The Missile Baits D Bomb as well as the Snag Proof Ish’s Phat Phrog starting to come into effect so I am really excited about that; especially here at the Potomac River. I get to flip the D Bomb with a punch skirt and a River2Sea Trash Bomb.

I get to throw my Biggie Crankbait on some rocks a little bit, and, I get to flip and frog all day if I really want to.

So, I am really excited about that – looking forward to this week; had a decent week – caught a lot of fish – had a lot of decent bites – hopefully I will go big this week at the FLW Event.

Then I will have the Collegiate BASS Championship that I have to go to down in Alabama and then for a little change, I get a week and a half off.
I’ve got a little bit of business, but definitely get some R and R before my next run of tournaments.

Plus, we get to find out what the Bassmaster Elite Series mystery lake is – ten days from now.

So,’til next time – good fishin’.