Stetson Blaylock: Potomac River Preview

Power Pole

I wish I could say I had a great few days of practice, but that wasn’t the case. I know the kind of size this place can pump out and I am just not catching the kind of fish right now. The good news is, I didn’t really pound on a few areas that I think could hold some decent fish. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow if there are fish good enough to give me a shot at winning this event.
BlaylockFishLast year I finished sixth on the Potomac River. It was my first tournament, and still the only tournament, where I fished as a boater on a tidal water. The good news is, I seem to do pretty well on tidal fisheries. The bad news is, the area that I fished last year is completely vacant of the grass that held them there last year. I looked for those fish, probably longer than I should have, but I had to try and figure them out. Overall, the Potomac is a different place than it was last year.

The Potomac River is a beautiful place. It’s full of wildlife and all kinds of great scenery. Just this week I have seen Mt. Vernon (George Washington’s pad), many bald eagles, as well as Washington D.C.. We aren’t able to fish up near the Pentagon due to the BFL National championship going on up there this weekend. It’s also loaded with fish, and I know there are lots of really good fish here. It’s going to take some big weight to win this event. It’s going to be an uphill battle for me, but I am up for the task.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow morning. I am excited to get the STP – Ranger going and see if I can make my own luck out there tomorrow. I’ll check back in on my Facebook page from time to time during the week. I hope to be fishing the weekend, but should things not go as well as I hope I’ll be at the Fun Zone. If that’s the case, stop by the STP booth and say hello.