Skeet’s Beat – An Interesting Christmas

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SkeetBlogChristmas has come and gone, and I have to say that it was one of the most interesting we’ve had.

It was just the four of us because we were getting everything together for our family vacation to Mexico. So, instead of having family over, Kim and I celebrated at home with the girls.

Our gift to Lea and Courtney was a trampoline. I was up really late one night and then up early the next morning assembling the thing, then we jumped on it.

I’m sore as hell after jumping up and down for an hour. But, we had so much fun with it. Lea really got into it, and we kind of had bounce battles on it. Courtney didn’t really like getting knocked down on it, but we’ll have a lot of fun with it.

We had some excitement on Christmas night. I was outside putting our dinner on the Big Green Egg when our motion lights in the backyard popped on. I thought it was an animal, but then I saw a hand trying to open the gate to our pool area.

I stepped up and stared at him and said “who the hell are you?” He said “oops, wrong back yard” and took off across the field. I chased him, yelling the whole time for Kim to call 911. She hit the alarm and called the police.

They caught him a half an hour later, and came back to the house to confirm with a picture on their phone. They said they think he was a drunk local guy trying to take a shortcut and got lost.

I’m glad they caught him, because we were all a little freaked out. The girls wanted to sleep in our bed, which didn’t leave us much room, so I slept in Lea’s bed and Kim slept on the couch. We’re all a little tired waiting to get on the plane today.

Other than that, I’ve got the Mercury ProXS 250 all broken in, and I’m excited about the boat this year. I put those Lithionics Batteries in it; the ones that Aaron Martens ran last year, and the boat flies. It sits about three inches higher in the water and comes out of the hole a lot faster; even the trolling motor is faster because the boat is lighter.

Anyway, Adios for now, talk to you after the New Year, and I hope your Christmas was awesome.