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McClellandBlogI’m feeling relaxed because we just got back from our first family vacation since Stacy and I got married almost nine years ago.

We’ve done things, and gone places as a family, but they usually revolved around fishing; not this time. We took the whole bunch of us to Hawaii for Christmas, and we had a great time. I still had to stay in touch a little with the business back home, but for the most part, I was unplugged. It was really nice to get away from the cold we’ve had around here lately.

We still dealt with a little bit of weather the first couple days, but once it cleared we got to see the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Even with the weather, the coldest it got was around 65 degrees, so we were really comfortable, and spent quite a bit of time on the beach.

The most fun we had was kayaking in a bay over on the east side of Oahu. We paddled out to one of those reef islands and snorkeled around the reef. We also relaxed on the beach there, the whole thing was about the best Hawaii tourist type thing we did. Waikiki was busy, but we got away from it all and really enjoyed ourselves.

McClellandHawaiiSceneryNow that we’re back at home, I’m finalizing boat and truck wraps. I did buy a new Toyota Tundra recently, so I’ll be towing my Stratos Elite 210 with that this year. Both of them are over at the graphics company getting ready for the wraps to be installed.

My sponsors on the wrap will be the same this year, Hefty, Mustang Survival and Falcon Rods will still be on there, but the color scheme has changes a little. I’ll still have the orange, but instead of the black, there will be some green involved.

Hefty has been working to bring a line of outdoorsman specific storage product, and the packaging for those will have the Hefty orange, but will incorporate greens and some camo in it; so my wrap will feature those colors.

The whole thing is approved by Hefty, Falcon and Mustang Survival, and after I made my final tweaks to it, I’m just waiting for Stratos to give their final go ahead and they’ll start on it.

I’m looking forward to getting it done and bringing it home so I can load it up for the season, when it gets here, I’ll share pictures.