Skeet’s Beat – During the Elite Series Break

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Skeet's-Beat-New-HeaderThere’s been a lot going on since I got back from the back-to-back Elite Series tournaments; my win at West Point and a top 12 at the Alabama River. I was thrilled with the win of course, and happy with the Elite 12 finish because it moved me up to second in the Angler of the Year standings.

But, along with that, I was really happy for John Murray with the great event he had at the River. John was my roommate on the road for most of my professional career, and I learned so much about how to be a professional fisherman from him. I was so happy to see him finish fifth; happy for him, Amy and TJ.

After the River event, I came home to some projects around the house. Lea and Courtney are still in school, so there are all of the year end activities surrounding that to run around with. Of course, there is the never-ending task of mowing weeds around the house and a host of other chores an projects going on. I’m loving being home for all of it during this break we’re having.

One of those “projects” was our third annual Skeet Reese Kids Fishing Day in Meadow Vista. We had over 300 kids fishing in the pond at the community park there. They were catching rainbow trout planted by California Department of Wildlife on Berkley PowerBait, Eagle Claw hooks and a lot of other tackle provided by Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Along with the fishing, there was a custom car show, food booths and a bunch of other activities that Kim and all of our friends and the volunteers pulled together and operated. More than 2000 people came throughout the day, and we raised some money to put towards finishing the community center.

I love being a part of all of that, but the best part for me is getting to take a walk around the pond and talk to the families fishing around there. Seeing those kids catch fish; especially when I hear that it is their first, really warms my heart. I can still remember getting excited about fishing as a kid after that first catch, and if I can pass that love on to one person for the rest of their lives; then I’ve accomplished enough.

Thanks to everyone who cares enough to come out to help, participate and give back to the community.

After recovering from the kids event, Memorial Day weekend was fun for us. We took the girls to San Francisco for the weekend. We stayed at the Fairmont Hotel; which is a historical landmark in the city. Presidents, dignitaries and celebrities have stayed there for years, that part was cool.

But, seeing the girls have so much fun at the Exploratorium, the Steinhart Aquarium and the rest of the tourist attractions there was amazing. We spend the whole day at the Exploratorium, went to the Wax Museum (which actually kind of freaked the girls out, even though we skipped the horror section) and hung out and ate ice cream and chocolate in Ghirardelli Square.

We had a lot of fun, but man that city gets crazy busy on holiday weekends. I know that we were tourists too technically, but that place was an absolute zoo.

I went to a store Grand Opening for Dick’s Sporting Goods at their new Dublin, Calif. store last weekend. That is one of their tier one stores; so its huge, and if the amount of people that came to the opening is any indication; the store should do very well. I spent a bunch of time in the Outdoors Department signing autographs and meeting fans; it was a good time.

I’ll be at the grand opening of the new Dick’s store in Petaluma, Calif. this next Friday as well. This one is right down the highway from where I grew up in Cotati, so I should see some old friends there. Hoping this one is a success for the company and the area as well.

Other than that, we’re doing a bunch of things around the house, spending time together as a family, and Kim and I are doing the Cross Fit thing three days a week at Auburn Cross Fit – that workout is a butt kicker.

Hope you all are doing well, and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and my fan page at Facebook – I post on both a bunch.