Fred Roumbanis – Big Smallmouth Big Bronzeback and New Lures

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RoumbanisblogI’m sitting here on the floor of my garage organizing my new order El Grande soft plastics baits. At the same time I’m using the time to organize all of my other tackle too.

Jackson is running around “helping” me, and he’s actually done a pretty good job with some of my Plano boxes, but for the most part, my garage looks like a tornado went off. I’ve got boxes and bags of plastic everywhere and I’m not sure how long it’s going to take me to get it all together, but it’s starting to look better.

The longest part of the process is organizing the plastics. I put enough of the baits in a Plano box to last for a day, and store the rest of them in the bags that El Grande ships them in. It works out pretty well, but I’m always trying to think of new ways to store them.

I fished a local jackpot tournament on Sunday over at Grand Lake and finished 3rd; it was a lot fun. We caught them mainly on Ima Shaker crankbaits, but a few other things mixed in. I got to play with my iRod Gabe’s Rip Rap Special for a dedicated amount of time, and I’m completely happy with the rod; they handled the Shaker and the fish perfectly.

FredR5PoundSmallieI went fishing yesterday too, and jacked a bunch of smallmouth on an Ima Flit 100 jerkbait. I love fishing for smallmouth, and when I can catch more than a dozen of them over three pounds, it’s even more fun. One of those fish was a solid five pounder that ate a Ghost Minnow Flit 100; that fish was awesome, and a bunch of fun to catch.

Well, I’d better get back to the organizing before it gets too out of hand. I want it all to be ready when my boat gets here.