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KerrBlogIt’s after the New Year and I’ve got a bunch of dumb stuff to do.

Speaking of New Year’s, my girlfriend and I went to Vegas with a friend of ours whose birthday is December 30th. We had fun there, but I shouldn’t hit the tables there, it usually doesn’t end up like I would like. I should have stayed home and went fishing, which I haven’t done in over two weeks.

It’s not that I couldn’t go fishing; I just wanted to spend some time getting things ready for my tour season. I’ll tell you what, the fact that I haven’t gone fishing in that long really sucks. I needed to spend the time to do stuff around the house, but I’d rather have been out fishing.

One of the projects I took on was painting the shelving system we built in the garage a couple of weeks ago, and I didn’t really think the whole thing through. I got the sprayer out and filled it with white paint. I got ready and opened all of the doors to the garage and started painting.

I should have thought it out a little further, because I made a mess of everything. I had white overspray all over the place. It was on me, on my tackle on the floor and the walls; holy crap. I’m pretty sure I’ll be cleaning it up for awhile.

I’m planning on fishing a team tournament here on Havasu next week, my first tour event is the major on Beaver Lake in the first week of March, so I’ll want to try and stay as sharp as I can. Team tournaments are a great way to stay in competitive mode and keep me thinking like a tournament angler.

Oh, one other thing that I’ll have to do here pretty soon is take an online traffic school. I got a frickin’ ticket a couple of months ago when I was back home in California, and now I have to do the classes to keep my insurance rates from going up. I guess I was doing around 80 in a 70 MPH zone, and it’s only because I didn’t have my boat on the back; what a pain in the butt.

Oh well, I’ll tell you about the team tournament next time, it’s gonna be good to get back to fishing.

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