Chad Morgenthaler – Is That My Tail? Busy – Busy – Busy

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MorganthalerBlogI felt like a dog chasing my tail all week, and I haven’t even come close to catchin’ it.

I’m still getting ready for tour season, and the fact that I’m not ready, along with the fact that I’m working hard to not burn myself out has prompted me to rethink travel plans.

I was going to go to Florida early, before cutoff and ride the lake at the 12 foot level, where it is now, to get a glimpse of some of the backwaters that I might be able to use in the tournament later this month; but I opted not to go.

There was a second reason, and that was because the price of Petrol is so high, I decided to save some money too.

Instead, I decided to spend some time here on a local lake getting totally intimate with my Humminbird Fishing Systems. I knew them pretty well to begin with, but I wanted to make sure I knew them so well that I could interpret everything immediately.

I’m feeling really confident about them now. I used my Side Imaging units to locate some offshore structure, and absolutely punished some crappie; I mean destroyed them. I caught bunches of them, and now I know just about everything that shows up on my Humminbirds, and how to use it to my advantage.

Deb and I took a little time to enjoy life around the Holidays. We spent some time with some good friends, and I made some unreal deer sausage off of an eight point buck I shot this year. That sausage was perfect, and I loved every bite of it.

I’ve got the boys from Phoenix Boats coming up here to spend a little time together and go hunt some geese and duck before the season closes. It’s always fun to spend some time with people I enjoy, and they certainly are that kind of folks.

We’re working on some final details for the Bass Pro Shops PAA Tournament Series presented by Carrot Stix. I think there’s a lot of good stuff in the works, and we’re going to some great lakes at the right times of the year. We put three of our board members on the schedule this year, and they poured over the calendar, and I think they did a pretty good job. The first one is coming up in March at Lake Lanier, and it will be fun to get out there and catch up some big ol’ spotted bass.

Anyway, I’ll continue to get ready this week, and pay as much attention as I can to the Lake Okeechobee Everstart Series Tournament that starts tomorrow; me and every other FLW Tour pro.

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