John Murray Apache Lake Win and Legend Cup

Bucks Skeeter Yamaha


That lake has really become one of the best in Arizona. We caught most of our fish on crankbaits and River2Sea Bumbershoots. we were mostly fishing shallow in that rain and nasty cold; but, that was definitely a fun weekend.

Now I am getting ready for the Legend Cup – that is a tournament that I’m helping put on here in Arizona – it is the only Arizona Pro Am that we are going to have this year in Central Arizona; so we are putting it on next weekend at Lake Pleasant on
February 2 and 3.

It is going to be run by the fishermen for the fishermen with 100% payback and it should be fun. We’ve got some good excitement going for it and just a fun time. I’ve got a lot of new guys; got some high school kids, Junior Bassmasters – something that is sorely needed here in Arizona.

So, it is getting busy around here.

I’m waiting on my Mercury Pro Verado to get here. Once I get my motor I will be able to get back out on the water in my own boat and fish a lot more. But right now it is just getting all this stuff together for the tournaments… which sucks, because it is a good time of year to go fishing!

John Murray ABA Apache Lake, Ariz. Largemouth