James Niggemeyer – First Check-in for 2013

Bucks Skeeter Yamaha


I have been doing a lot of fishing here on Lake Fork with my guide service going strong. The fishing has been up and down – January has been tough, it seems Florida strain bass on Lake Fork, typically don’t like it when it gets too cold. Even though the bite for numbers slows down a little bit, you can catch some REALLY good fish.

I have already had some guide trips and I have already fished my first tournament of the year. So, I fished a Texas Fishing Forum Guide/Client Tournament and they had twenty three of the guides from Lake Fork . It was a great time, getting together with your client and getting out on the water. In most cases guys only had one; some of us had two.

We had a great time. You know, they have a slot on Lake Fork, so you had to take a picture of it on the scale and then text it in. It was a neat deal because in tournaments, we’re used to bringing fish to the scales, but we were able to release those fish after we caught them.

It took twenty eight pounds to win. My team and I finished fourth with twenty one and change. It was a tough bite, but we still caught some good ones. We had a six and a five in that bag and we just had a great time together.

Got some tournaments coming up here right around the corner; but the thing that I am probably most excited about is my new 2013 BassCat Cougar FTD with a Yamaha SHO on the back of it – it will be ready next week. I get to go up there to Mountain Home, Ark. to BassCat to pick it up. I always look forward to that – it is always a good time; I get to see folks that I probably haven’t seen in a little while. it’s a full day trip even though they aren’t too far away, probably about eight or nine hours away from where I live.

James Niggemeyer – Lake Fork Stud

So, that is a big part of what has been going on – I have been getting my maps together; I’ve been doing a lot of studying and research on the lakes we’ll be fishing in 2013. You know, getting everything laid out, I’m really looking forward to 2013.I am looking forward to a big year on the Elite Series as well.
So, that’s it for now; getting some tackle together also – forgot to say I got my rods from St. Croix and I am supposed to get some new Arden Edge Elite reels from Ardent here pretty quickly, as well as some of the new stuff from Strike King – so, I am getting all that in; I have been in the garage to sort through it – it’s been fun, but it is also time consuming . My wife just wonders what I do in there sometimes…

But that’s it for right now and until next time, thanks for checking into my blog at Advanced Angler and checkout my website, http://www.jamesniggemeyer.com/ and my James Niggemeyer, angler facebook page to keep up with my tournaments and my guiding service on Lake Fork.