Back to Basics Video – Launching and Loading a Boat Solo

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Loading a Boat on the Trailer by Yourself

Loading a Boat on the Trailer by Yourself

One of the more common “fails” videos or social media posts out there today are the compilations of mistakes people make at the boat ramp.  We’ve all seen the pictures of vehicles in the water and the myriad of other things that can happen when inexperienced people try to launch a boat.  Also, one of the more frustrating things for experienced boat owners is having to wait while an inexperienced person clogs a boat launch while preparing his boat on the ramp, taking a long time to do so.

In this latest AdvancedAngler Back to Basics video, our managing editor Dan O’Sullivan shares tips he has learned over his more than 20 years owning a boat and working with professional anglers on how to launch a boat solo.

He shares the key to being safe, efficient, and speedy on the launch ramp.

Please watch and enjoy this Back to Basics video on launching and loading a boat by yourself filmed at Coosa Landing on Neely Henry Lake in Gadsden, Ala. by Billy Hines.