Skeet’s Beat – Family Ski Trip

Power Pole

SkeetBlogSkiing with Kim and the girls was fun. The girls were on spring break from school, so we rented a house in the snow for a few days and took a little vacation. Well, there really wasn’t much snow up there, our Sierra Mountains are at 50-percent of the snow pack.

We went to the slopes for a couple of days, and I spent most of my time learning what to do on skis, because it was my first time on them. I did pretty good, I only biffed it a few times, but I wasn’t really going up the big hills. We talked about going on some bigger runs, but there was no way I was going to risk that when the season is just getting going.

So, we stayed down on the smaller hills and had a good time with the girls. Like I expected, Lea picked things up pretty quickly and was ripping all over the place before long. Then, when Courtney started getting the hang of it, we spent most of our time trying to keep up with them.

We had some friends come up and had some good meals and great time with them while we were there, but it was really good to get to spend as much time with family as possible in between events.

We had kind of a cool thing happen while we were up there. We were at the lifts and this guy came walking up to get on the lifts. I recognized him quickly. It was Shaun White; the best snowboarder in the world. That was pretty cool to go skiing and run into him, the kids all freaked out when they figured out who it was.

We got back in time for Easter at home with the family. We had the girls running all over the year looking for something like 170 eggs that the Easter Bunny had hidden on the property. There was even a Easter Egg scavenger hunt that they had to do to get clues to move around and find their Easter Baskets.

By the time it was all over, they were wiped out; it was a blast.

They were off today before they head back to school, so we got to spend another family day together. Then I’ll start thinking about Bull Shoals; the next stop on the Elite Series. It’s almost time to get to work again.