Skeet’s Beat – Labor Day Fun

Power Pole

SkeetBlogI had one business trip this week. I did a fly-in, fly-out deal in Phoenix for Berkley Havoc and Spiderwire. Other than that it has been a good week of family, work and exercising.

That seminar was great; I did a two hour appearance there and talked about fishing. But, the best part was all of the kids that showed up. The Phoenix Junior Bass Club came and met me and heard what I had to say. There were a dozen or more kids there from 10 to 15 years old.

I always like it when I get a chance to talk to the kids about fishing. They are always so excited about fishing and it really is motivating to hear how much they get excited about the sport.

Other than that trip to Phoenix, I’ve spent a lot of time on my mountain bike. I must have done more than a hundred miles on that bike this week riding the hills and trails near my house. I’ve really enjoyed mountain biking, it’s a great way to get great exercise and have a lot of fun doing it.

The whole weekend seemed to revolve around water, we went to a swim party at a friend’s house on Saturday, then on Sunday we took the girls to a water park in a town near our home. They talked about it all summer, so we took them on their last weekend open for the season and despite the fact that the place was absolutely packed; we all had fun.

Well, to be honest, Courtney got a little scared on the first slide we went on. It was a four person ride on one of the big slides and when it turned around and she was the one headed heading down the slide backwards, she got pretty scared. Despite that, we had a lot of fun.

On Monday, we had a bunch of people over here for a pool / build your own pizza party. Everyone made their own pizzas, and they even rolled their own dough, then we baked them on the Big Green Egg on a pizza stone. The Big Green Egg takes about five minutes or so to bake a pizza, and they are some of the best I’ve ever tasted.

The pizza was great, and then the whole thing kind of turned into a Flour War. Everyone was running around the back yard throwing flour at each other. I had flour in my ears and Kim had it in her hair and the backyard looked like a big bag of flour was dropped from the sky.

I guess I’ll get the pressure washer out and give it a workout and try to get this place cleaned up.