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Boyd Duckett – 2015 Year in Review

It seems strange that every year we finish our competition season and just when you think life will slow down it picks up. After we finished the Elite Series season, we filmed another competition for Major...

Daiwa Launches Project T – 2016 – Episode 1

Daiwa's Project - T has been very popular. It shows the processes the company and it's pro's go through tho build some of the highest quality products avaialable today. Here is episode...

Dynamic – Pros Choose “The One”

Three top Bassmaster Elite Series pros were asked to choose just one lure to fish with this fall. And then, just for fun, here in the heart of football season, they were also told to pretend they were the...

Boyd Duckett – Sturgeon Bay Preview

This week the Elite Series is in Sturgeon Bay on Lake Michigan for the Angler of the Year event, and most of us – at least everybody I’ve run into - is facing the same question: Where are the...

Boyd Duckett – Catching a lot of fish at Oneida

We started the Northern Open on Thursday, and I had as much success in this first round at Oneida as I had failure in the final round last week at the Elite Series event on the St. Lawrence River. Last...

Dynamic – Greg Hackney a New York Swamp Thing

In a tournament dominated by clean, clear water, light line, spinning reels and smallmouth, Greg Hackney’s boat looks more like he’s been hanging out in a backwater of the St. Lawrence with Swamp...