Advanced Angler on the Water at Neely Henry – Episode 1

Bucks Skeeter Yamaha

Advanced Angler has always been about learning to become a better angler.  Typically, we sit behind the scenes and allow the pros to speak through us as proxy for you the fan of the sport.

Our managing editor, Dan O’Sullivan figured out how much different fishing was in his new home state of Alabama, and knew he had a lot to learn.  So, taking the notes he’s gathered from the best pros in the business for so many years, he set out to exhibit how learning new water and locating fish can be.

Thus brought about our new web series entitled “Advanced Angler On the Water.”  Each episode will feature a period of tie on Lake Neely Henry, a Coosa River impoundment located in Gadsden, Ala.  O’Sullivan sets up multiple cameras on different angles and attempts to talk – and share – his way through the process of making Neely Henry his home fishery.

This series will air once a month through November, and is brought to you by in partnership with the Greater Gadsden Area Tourism department.