Advanced Product Review – Fin-tech SS Minnow Jighead

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Fin-techSS Minnow Packaging

Fin-tech SS Minnow Packaging

In TV lore, the SS Minnow is the name of a doomed vessel that shipwrecked castaways on a desert island.  In the fishing world, SS Minnow can now be given a reputation as one of the most innovative swimbait heads on the market.

Fin-tech; the home of the innovative Title Shot jigheads and their ever popular knuckleball jigs has created a swimbait head that will give anglers as much flexibility as they need in one head.  The SS Minnow comes with a number of features that make it one of the most innovative heads on the market today.

Product Features
To start with, the SS Minnow is poured from a lead free metal that makes it perfect for use in any state or area of the country.  With some areas seeking bans to lead fishing sinkers, this will make the SS Minnow eligible for use anywhere.

The head is built on a high quality, black nickel Mustad Ultra Point hook.  The head is available in a medium wire, like you might find in a finesse football head, or a heavier wire version as well.  Both hook versions are available in three hook size options – 3/0, 4/0 and 5/0 to allow rigging on many sizes of swimbaits.

Fin-techSS Minnow Closeup

Fin-tech SS Minnow Closeup – Notice the two line ties, the dual bait keeper and the removable blade

The head provides anglers with two line tie positions which means the bait has a subtle action, or a more aggressive action depending on where the angler chooses to tie the line to.  On the rear position, the SS Minnow features a subtle swimming action, but become much more animated with a lot of body wobble and even a slight hunting action when tied to the front.

The SS Minnow also features a small blade attached to the bottom of the head with a removable clip and crane swivel.  That blade creates more baitfish flash when the blade tumbles in the water which can draw attention from fish quite a distance away.  It can also be removed if fish require a more subtle approach.

The final feature is a dual wire keeper that helps hold soft plastic swimbaits on the head securely.  The keepers do a great job of holding during casts and retrieves through light cover as well as during battles with hooked fish.

The SS Minnow jighead has three distinct applications that are intended.  When positioned on the rear line tie, the head can be used as a vertical jigging tool, as well as a subtle action swimbait head.  When positioned to the front eye, the head is perfectly suited for just about any swimbait situation requiring use with 12 to 15-pound-test Fluorocarbon line.

Of course, with today’s focus on the castable umbrella rig, the SS Minnow, especially in the heavier hook version, is an excellent add on to those rigs.  The additional action of the head when anchored from the nose, as well as the additional flash from the small blade make this a perfect match to the rigs.

In the Real World
We love the action the SS Minnow imparts on swimbaits, and have used it on everything from Big Bite Cane Thumpers, to Hollow Bellies to Swimming Jerk Minnows and every other soft plastic swimbait in between.  We have used them with baits as small as three inches, and as large as five.

With seven colors and several weights available for both fresh and saltwater, the SS Minnow can help improve your swimbait fishing.  Check out the video below where we show you more about the SS Minnow and give you some clips of it in action as well.

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