John Murray – Mississippi River to Lake Michigan

Power Pole

MurrayBlogI’ve been practicing out here on Green Bay and I’m just not overly impressed.  I have caught a few little ones, but nothing big yet.

I Had a great chance to do well last week at the Mississippi River – had some good fish following; and I gambled a little bit the second day – went to some bigger fish that I probably should have gone to, but I had a break in the trolling motor steering cable the second day and fell out of contention.

So now we are in Green Bay and have been hopping around between shallow and deep trying to figure out what these smallies like up here – been sorta perplexed as to what to do; but you know, the fish are getting worked – we are fishing a really small area due to the Wisconsin placed boundaries, so the fish can’t get away from us.  There’s only about 30 miles each way that we can fish so somewhere out here there’s a winning fish and hopefully I can find him!

That’s about it – I’ll talk to ya’ later.