Dave Lefebre – A Quick Update Before Champlain

Power Pole
Bucks Skeeter Yamaha
Bucks Falcon Mercury

LefebreBlogI’m back, and I’m going to keep it brief so I can head into the rules meeting.

I’m sitting here in the Suburban, in the pouring rain, outside of the camp office using their wi-fi because we have absolutely zero signal here… I can’t even text, lol. Anyway, practice is over at Champlain and Wednesday is our official day off, it will be my second however.

Actually, I went out for a couple hours Tuesday just to double check something, but spent most of the day changing line and sharpening hooks…I’m ready to go (I think). This is going to be an awesome event, I always look forward to tournaments here, but I’m more nervous than normal because I’m not sure whether to run 80 miles south or not.

I found some good ones up north and I almost wish I hadn’t. It’s basically only one good area but I caught a 7 1/2lber in there yesterday which is a giant for here. I weighed one in like that a few years ago and it would sure be nice to do it again.

Nothing else going on, looking for back to back wins…never been done on the FLW Tour!