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11/18/2011 – story and photos by Jason Duran

The Berkley Powerbait 10 inch Power Worm is a great bait for the summertime and into the fall and is even great for night time fishing. The ribbontail design gives the bait a natural swimming action.

The 10 inch worm is a great Texas Rigged Bait. Cast or flip this bait on 15-20 pound-test 100% fluorocarbon line, 4/0 to 6/0 hook. Here we see 17-pound-test Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon line. The Berkley Powebait 10 inch Power Worm in colors from left to right Green Pumpkin, June Bug and Black-Blue. The hook is a 4/0 Lazer TroKar TK130 Flippin’ Hook. Also pictured is a Wright & McGill Co. Skeet Reese Micro Honeycomb Football Jig/ Big Worm Casting rod.

A rod with a strong backbone to set the hook on these fish is a must. The action should be moderate to fast to help make that perfect pitch. A Wright & McGill Co. Skeet Reese Micro Honeycomb Football Jig / Big Worm rod provides enough action and enough backbone. At 7’2” it is the right length for helping you make long casts, provide the leverage you need to set the hook, but is deft enough for working the worm with some finesse.

W-M701 VictoryReel
A 6.4:1 to 7.1:1 retrieve speed reel is perfect for the big Power Worm and for bringing in those fast moving fish as they attack this bait. This Wright & McGill Co. Victory 701 reel has a 7.0:1 retrieve speed that will allow for a good steady retrieve and power and speed during the fight. The hi speed reel is also beneficial for quickly retrieving the lure to the boat to make another presentation.

Using a straight shank hook on a long cast is a good thing; especially with a fairly thin bodied bait. Also, a super sharp hook is a must. Seen above is the 4/0 TK130 Flippin’ Hook. This hook, like all TroKar hooks is surgically sharpened. TroKar Hooks are twice as sharp as any hook on the market. Notice here the point is three sided and penetrates much faster than other point shapes. This hook comes in size 3/0-6/0.

The Lazer TroKar TK130 Flippin’ Hook also has a couple unique features. This hook is a straight shank hook. Notice the extra wide gap of this hook. A unique feature of this hook is its TroKar B.A.R.B or Bait Alignment & Retention Barb on the shank. See the B.A.R.B in the photo above next too the hook eye. This B.A.R.B. helps hold the bait on the hook and prevents it from sliding down the shank. Many hours are spent by anglers developing ways to keep the bait from sliding the hook TroKar includes it on their hook. This B.A.R.B; according to TroKar, is made using ultra-high grade, precision machined molds and space age thermoplastic.

Start your Texas Rig with a weight. Weight sizes can vary from 1/4 oz. to 3/8 oz. depending on the desired fall speed. If you want the bait to fall faster use a heavier weight. For a slower fall use a lighter weight.

Attach the hook to quality line like Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon using the knot of your choice; this particular knot is a Palomar Knot. Always when tying knots be sure to wet the knot before synching it up. This is very important when using Fluorocarbon when you wet the line it lubricates the line help prevent friction on the line causing heat and damage to the line at the knot.

Once you secure the hook to the line you are ready to start the bait on the hook. Notice here how the hook is not inserted into the center of the bait. The hook is inserted on a 45° angle. This is important when using straight shank hooks. When you insert the hook at 45° it allows for the hook to lie inline with the bait and keep the bait straight on the hook. After inserting the hook continue to push the bait all the way up the hook and make sure that the hook eye is all the way inside the nose of the bait. Don’t forget to rotate the hook just before the eye enters the bait, so the hook point points toward the bottom of the bait.

When the hook eye is all the way inside the bait, notice how the TroKar B.A.R.B is outside the bait. Be sure this B.A.R.B is lying flat against the bait. This will secure the bait to the top of the hook and lock it in place. Cast after cast this will prevent the bait from sliding down the hook.

Now is time to insert the hook back in to the bait for a weedless presentation. Take a measurement by laying the hook against the bait. Take note of where the hook will be inserted. See here how the hook lies against the bait. This is also how you want to insert the hook in this direction. The hook should lie like this, just inside the bait.

Insert the hook at the place you previously marked. To do this you will need to make some slack in the part of the bait above the insertion point. Insert the hook at the angle we noted above as well. If this is done correctly the bait will lie straight on the hook.

See here a “Texas Rigged” Berkley Powerbait 10 inch Power Worm in the Black and Blue color. Notice how straight the bait is on the hook. You always need to be sure to keep your bait as straight as possible to reduce line twist. The weight used here is a 3/8 oz. tungsten weight.

Here is the finished Berkley Powerbait 10-inch Power Worm, pitch it around various cover, laydown logs, grass beds, under docks. You can also work this bait along deep ledges, points or anyplace bass live. Take your time on your retrieve and working the bait under the water to produce a strike. Lift your rod tip to move the bait and lower your rod tip while you reel in. You can bounce it along the bottom and work it in and over cover. You can also twitch this bait making the ribbon have a life like motion. When you feel a strike set the hook with a firm jerk. The TroKar hook will do its job and penetrate insuring a great hookset.