Zapped with Carl Jocumsen

Bucks Falcon Mercury

You may not know the name immediately, but Carl Jocumsen is a fast riser on the professional bass circuits.  The thing is, you may not be familiar with him because he built his competitive resume Down Under.

Jocumsen is the winner of the 2008 Australian Bass Tournaments Grand Championship, and he built a reputation for being a great angler there, and is now showing that he has the skills, the drive and the dedication to do it here as well.

Jocumsen is working on qualifying for the Elite Series, and he is building a business here and in his home of Australia.  One of those companies that he represents is HydroWave, and he is well versed in the use of these units.

In today’s edition of Zapped – Pro Powered Electronics, Jocumsen not only shares some tips for the HydroWave, but also how to use our electronics when fishing in shallow water.