Ish Monroe – Week 4 of the Marathon

Bucks Falcon Mercury

IshBlogWeek four of the marathon run of the seven weeks straight; week four of seven; crazy! Not really that burnt out not really tired, I’m just fishing, having fun. I had an okay finish last week, not a great finish and I dumped a 10 pounder; no big deal; you know what, actually it is a huge deal. I don’t know if I’d rather break up with my girlfriend than lose a 10 pounder. It hurts more to lose a 10 pounder than break up with my girlfriend which is probably why I don’t have a girlfriend.

But anyways on to Hartwell, another sight fish tournament. Hopefully I can put the big ones in the boat this week. You know I have a couple little tricks up my sleeve, all the sight fishing I’m going to do, and I would have to say; key word, Jerry Rago; the key word is Jerry Rago; wait that’s two words.

So that’s going to be the plan doing a little bit of that along with sight fishing and hope that I get a good finish this week. And then probably going to head to the PAA at Lake Lanier for yet another sight fishing deal, but I just keep rolling along in the Cocoons rig.

Oh, forgot to tell you guys something there was a slight fender bender with John Crews, oh yea, I figured if I just took the competition out of the game. I hit his boat, no big deal, service crew got it all fixed up and I’m heading to CS motor sports next week to get fixed up so I look fresh and clean on the road, and I’m going to go fishing.

So, I’m off to the next one.