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NiggemeyerBlogWrapping up Florida

Well, the St. John’s didn’t end like I had hoped, I mean I’m super blessed to have made the top 50 cut in 28th place after day two, but really struggled on Saturday, and finished 50th.

One thing about looking at events after they’re over is I have the benefit of hindsight; which, as the say is always 20 / 20. In retrospect, I could have done things a little bit different on day three and had a better showing; but overall, a 50th place showing at the Citrus Slam’s not bad, and I finished in the money; which is always good.

Looking back after the Florida swing, I’m in 21st place in the overall standings so other than that final day at the St. John’s, I’m happy with a decent start.

We packed up the camper after the St. John’s and headed up the road to Georgia and West Point Lake; the fifth stop on the Elite Series schedule. I’d never been there before and didn’t know a whole lot about it. I spent a half a day on the lake on Monday and then another half of Tuesday driving around before we decided to get on the road and start heading for home.

This was a real milestone for me too because it was the first time that Sandy and the kids have come with me for a full time trip. They’d gone with me before to a few tournaments here and there, but this was the start of our first full season together on the road.

It was absolutely wonderful to have them with me on the trip, and it was an absolute blessing to see them each day. It takes a little longer to get places with the family, but it is so worth the extra time to spend so much time together while we’re driving and in camp after the work day is over.

Sandy went the extra mile for me by getting up and making me breakfast and packing my lunch for the day and driving me to the ramp in the morning with the kids, who were just Super Troopers the whole time, and I can’t say enough about what a blessing they are in my life.

I am so appreciative of Sandy’s support and it was really neat to see the kids smiling faces at the weigh-ins each day; I wasn’t used to that, and I really liked it.

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