Skeet’s Beat – Birthdays and Classic Prep A Couple of Big Ones

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SkeetBlogWell, this weekend was my oldest daughter Lea’s birthday; I can’t believe she’s eight years old already.

We went to our gym, the Racquet Club here in Auburn and had a blast with Lea and all of her little friends. They played games; racquetball, basketball and air hockey were big hits, but the new Xbox 360 got a lot of work too.

After the party was over, one of her girlfriends came and had a sleepover at our house. They started out playing the new Michael Jackson The Experience Wii Dance game. That thing got a workout. You can go head to head in kind of a competition and Kim and I battled it out; she won, I couldn’t quite figure it out.

Other than that, I’ve been in the shop putting together all of my stuff to get ready for the Classic. I’m getting my truck back from getting wrapped this week, so I’ll be able to load it up for the trip to New Orleans. This is my final full week to finalize all of the packing plans for getting the last minute stuff I need for the year.

Speaking of last minute stuff, we were able to get our final plans for the Skeet Reese inc. booth at the Classic. I’ll of course have all of my Skeet Reese inc. apparel there at the show, and I’ll have my Wright & McGill Co. rods and reels for sale at the show; but there are a few other cool things to add.

For the past couple of years we’ve partnered with Lucky Craft to release new bait colors at the show, and we’ll be doing it again this year. Minoru and I got together a while back and came up with four cool new colors to add to the line and they’ll be for sale at my booth exclusively at the Classic.

I ordered them on five or six baits, but I can’t remember all of them. I know that I’ll have them on the SKT crankbaits, and the BDS 3&4’s and some LV’s but can’t remember the others. They’ll be there, so come and check them out.

We put together some really smokin’ deals for the show as well. Last year we gave away a mock Skeet Reese jersey when somebody bought one of my Wright & McGill Co. Tessera rods, and we’ll be doing that again this year. Only, this year you’ll get a jersey when you buy a rod, or one of my Victory reels, plus, you’ll get a choice of a Skeet Reese t-shirt or hat.

We’ll have some Jr. Champion combos there as well, and if anyone buys one of those, they’ll get a Skeet Reese kids’ t-shirt to go with it. I’ll also have a new tackle bag at the show this year, and if anyone buys one of those, they’ll get one of my new color Lucky Craft baits for free.

There’s a lot to get ready for the show, and, if you’re near your computer today (Monday) I’ll be on Bass Talk Live with Mark Jeffreys and the guys at BASS ZONE .com; should be fun. Check it out at 1:00PM Central Time at


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