Chad Morgenthaler – Snow Bird In Florida for Okeechobee

Bucks Falcon Mercury

MorganthalerBlogI’m a Snow Bird now; I’ve finished my trip from Illinois to Florida.

I think I drove a charmed trip, because I beat the weather everywhere I went. I had several stops to make. I had to get a couple of things I had to get touched up on the truck, and I stopped by the Phoenix Boats plant to get a couple of things adjusted on the boat. I had to stop in Tennessee to get the wrap tweaked, and I left just ahead of the weather.

Right after I left they got pounded with a snowstorm and from what I hear, they ended up with six inches of snow; I’m glad I didn’t get stuck.

I stopped at Tradewinds RV in Ocala and visited with my good friend Rick Couch there, and I think I’ve found my new fifth wheel camper. I called Debbie and told her about it and I think she’s a little afraid that when I come home there will be a new camper with me.

By the time I got to Florida I was like a caged animal; ready to go fishing. I fished yesterday on Rodman Reservoir with Glenn Browne, and had a great day. It took me a little while to get my casting and pitching back in rhythm, but once I did, I got to jack on some big ol’ heads. There was one time that I lost control of my tungsten flip weight and whacked the side of Glenn’s boat; oops.

I did catch a few bass, and Glenn and I laughed and enjoyed the day, even when I set the hook and my flipping rig went one way and the fish went flying the other. I did catch a three to four pound mud fish while I was flipping, and while I was trying to get the TroKar Flipping hook out of its head the phone rang. It was a writer looking for a story and while I was talking to him the dang thing bit me and made me bleed; I’m gonna have to learn when to answer the phone.

As for today, I’ll do a little bit of PAA work, but will spend most of the day getting tackle situated. Which will probably include a stop at Okeechobee Fishing Headquarters; the shop owned by fellow FLW Tour Pro Koby Kreiger, where I’ll spend too much money, but oh well.

After that, it’s all fishing from Sunday on. I’ve got my head thinking about nothing but the tournament, and I’m planning on trying to pull together a strong finish. I’ve been waiting for this one all winter. Talk to you afterwards.

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