James Niggemeyer – New Boat and Fishing Instructional Trip and Fishing with the Family

Bucks Falcon Mercury

NiggemeyerBlogI’m on my way home from picking up my new Puma FTD at Bass Cat and dropping it off to have the wrap installed. I’m really excited about the new boat with my Yamaha 250 SHO Four Stroke motor. I really like the fresh new look of the Yamaha in the mirror while I was towing it to the graphics shop; I really like it.

The boat and motor package really look good together, the boat is black, silver and red with a white lightning bolt stripe, and it looks good with the dark blue, silver and red on the Yamaha. It was also a little different to see two Power Poles in the mirror driving down the road, but I’m looking forward to how much more efficient they will make me.

James_Niggemeyer_Stump_BassMy Synergy Technologies wrap is going to be totally different this year too. It looks a lot like a sunrise, with some yellows and oranges in it; I’m really excited about how it turned out and can’t wait to see it on my boat. I’ll share it with you when I get pictures of it.

I stopped and visited with Kevin and Kerry Short on my way home. Kevin is my Bass Cat and St. Croix Rods teammate, and because we both camp on tour, I’ve gotten to spend quite a bit of time with them. They’ve also been great to Sandy and the kids when they’ve come with me in the past; it’s always nice to have good friends like them.

Before I left for Mountain Home, Ark. I did an instructional guide trip with an angler on Lake Fork. It was a really cool session because the first priority is learning; it’s about helping the angler better understand all aspects of fishing.

Our trip started in the parking lot with a map spread out on the boat going over seasonal patterns without the distractions of fishing. My instructional trips are five hour, intense sessions where we go over patterns, lure choices and color selection for the conditions, electronics and how to duplicate a pattern all over a lake. They are really in depth, and we get into a lot in that time.

I’ve gone fishing a couple of times around that trip. One was a trout fishing expedition with Sandy and the kids, and the other was a trip to Fork. The fish at Lake Fork are still biting; I caught them on Strike King Red Eye Shads and Hack Attack Jigs with KVD Chunk really well.

James_Daniel_Niggemeyer_Fishing_CloseThe trout fishing was fun, even though we only caught two. Sandy and Abigail caught one as a team. Sandy would cast it out and hold the rod, while Abigail reeled it in. They caught one on a spinner, it was really cool. Daniel and I caught the other one, then he ate both of them all by himself; he really loves fish, especially salmon and trout, so he gobbled them up.

I’m still trying to get myself ready for the first practice day of the Central Opens at Lake Lewisville. I feel a little behind the gun, but I’ll get it done. I’m going to the Classic to work a couple of days at the show for my sponsors, then I come home and practice begins on Monday for Lewisville. Things are getting closer.

To learn more about James or for information on booking him for a trip, visit his website at: www.jamesniggemeyer.com