James Watson Signs with The Lithium Battery Co.

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James Watson Joins The Lithium Battery Company

James Watson Joins The Lithium Battery Company

MISSOURI February 3rd, 2015 – FLW Pro James Watson of Waynesville, MO has just signed with The Lithium Battery Company for the 2015 fishing season. The Lithium Battery Company, or TLBC, is a worldwide manufacturer of a newer generation lithium ion battery. “We manufacture our batteries with the highest quality components to make a battery unlike anything on the market,” said Nathan Staron, President and CEO of TLBC. This process allows their batteries to last longer and provide more energy density to their customers.

“The most important thing about these particular batteries is their longevity,” said James Watson. “I have been using them for over a year and they have been doing great. On top of that, I recently went two straight days without charging them while fishing in Florida. The second most important thing is the fact that they reduced my boat weight by 200 pounds.”

“All of us at The Lithium Battery Company are excited about James Watson fishing this season with our battery technology,” said Staron. “During the install, we were able to decrease the weight of his boat by over 200lbs! We believe that his impact on the sport and hard work is what we are about here at TLBC. James is definitely going to take our technology to the next level this season.”

The construction of the batteries includes an advanced battery management system, ensuring the best performance possible. Each internal cell that makes up the battery has a built in fuse and a fire resistant barrier enclosed in a stainless steel design making it the safest battery in the industry.  TLBC has a wide range of batteries for wearable devices to large scale military energy systems.

To find out more about the TLBC product line, go to www.lithiumbatterycompany.com, plus until February 27th, use promo code “WATSON” to receive 20% off your entire order.