Angling Technologies offers Custom Embeddable Maps

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Kansas City, MO – Angling Technologies, which pioneered online interactive fishing maps in 2004, has taken its technology to the next level by offering website owners and anglers the ability to build their own custom interactive maps that can then be embedded in websites. Lodges, guides, fishing clubs, tournament anglers, and individuals can create an embeddable interactive map loaded with fishing map content. Customers can also continuously edit maps by adding and modifying their own local knowledge of fishing spots, routes, and fishing areas. They can choose to make this information public or private. Maps come with a read only log-in so that private information can be distributed to selected individuals. This is useful if a website owner wants to monetize their local knowledge or share it with specific groups of people. Unbelievably, these embedded maps require no knowledge of technology or web-programming to implement.

Brian Welde, president of Angling Technologies, notes, “Most website owners want interactive maps that are relevant to their audiences but don’t have the budgets or programming skills necessary to implement and customize an Application Programming Interface (API). Most website owners also want a way to make money from their local knowledge by selling this information or by using it to attract customers. Our service is a technological short cut and includes social sharing tools for Twitter and Facebook. A website owner can make any kind of interactive map they want and embed it in order to make their websites more engaging for users. Or they can choose to keep the map they make as a private website for their own use.

A map can be set up in under 5 minutes. Maps work on all modern desktop and mobile browsers. On a mobile browser, the maps have a ‘locate’ button which zooms in to the user’s location.

One of the huge keys for this service is how simply it is designed. We make it easy to use and recognize that the world is about more than points. People can add line or area features, and we have done the work to make the information you add to the map relevant to fishing. For clients looking for custom features or advanced content for their customers, we can assist with that as well. Again, you don’t have to be a technology expert to use or implement this. ”

Chad Leton, owner of, a Wisconsin based guide service specializing in youth fishing trips, has been using the mapping capability to augment fishing reports on his blog. The goal of his program is to inspire participation in and appreciation of fishing among youth and their families.

“There are many on-line narrative fishing reports and forums out there for anglers to spend time on–gathering information regarding fishing destinations they’d like to visit. Similarly, there are all sorts of physical “hot spot” maps to scour over which, at best, generally detail the most highly pressured community fishing holes.

Angling Technologies enables me to use specific, visual information to compliment bi-monthly fishing reports as I discover patterns and locations in real-time. This, quite literally, provides my readers a clearly defined image, down to the waypoint (in some cases), of where the fish are biting right now!

Many of my readers have the intention of heading to a lake in my local area with a young angler who represents the future of the sport. The capabilities I have with Angling Technologies’ unique software to update maps with helpful information has provided efficient success to those readers. The gratitude I receive, accompanied by a photo of a child’s latest catch, is absolutely invaluable to me!”

Angling Technologies embedded maps are used by the Mount St. Helens Bass in a variety of ways. As the maps live in the Mount St. Helens Bass Club website, they provide an easy way for club members to go to one place for advanced fishing content. Ryan Hennessey is webmaster of the club and notes, “We use these maps to share great fishing spots amongst the club members. This helps the newer members to find some great spots to help them in their fishing adventures, as well as some seasoned vets.

We also use the maps in our club to share the boat launch location we may be using for a particular tournament. Sometimes, there are bodies of water that have off-limit areas we can identify by using the tools provided within the mapping software.”

Introductory pricing of maps starts at $10 and is based on the type of features required and the area covered. Volume discounts are available and customizations are also available for a fee. Make your own maps today by visiting: