Scott Rook Signs with Riceland Foods

Bucks Skeeter Yamaha

???????????????????????????????Arkansas native Scott Rook, Bass Master Elite series winner and eight-time Bass Master Classic qualifier, has teamed up with Riceland Foods for the 2014 tournament season.  Rook’s truck and boat wraps feature Riceland’s Fish Fry Oil product.   He has been using Riceland products for many years.

“I am a frying guru, and I carry a fish cooker with me everywhere I go.  I love to cook.  In addition to fish, you can fry venison, wild turkey and ducks in Riceland Fish Fry Oil,” Rook said.   “I look forward to promoting and using Riceland’s Fish Fry Oil and Riceland Rice products on the tournament trail this year.“

Danny Kennedy, Riceland Foods president and chief executive officer, said, “Scott is a good fit for our Fish Fry Oil product.  We are headquartered in Stuttgart, Arkansas, in the heart of the country and the heart of U.S. rice farming.  Our area is known across the country for its fishing, duck hunting and other outdoor sports.

Riceland’s Fish Fry Oil has a high smoke point, so you can get it hotter without burning so it doesn’t absorb into foods like other oils during the cooking process.  It’s a very light oil and lets the true flavor of the food come through.  We are pleased that Scott will help us get the word out about this exceptional cooking oil produced in Arkansas.”