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MOORE, OK (December 10, 2014) – 20FT DEEP is a brand new online video series consisting of 12 short-form documentaries, each approximately 20 minutes in length, that will be unveiled over the course of the 2015 calendar year.  The focus of each feature will be solely on unearthing and documenting the hidden stories from within the world of professional bass fishing that the fans may or may not know about.

“This series is not about learning how to catch fish or on-the-water instruction,” explained Mark Jeffreys, Managing Partner for Z3 MEDIA LLC, the company behind the 20FT DEEP series. “The whole thing is about going below the surface and really digging into some of the most compelling stories and events that have transpired over the years in professional bass fishing.”

The idea for 20FT DEEP was born in 2012 when Jeffreys began filming and producing short video documentaries covering small high school sports teams in Oklahoma for Z3 MEDIA LLC.  “I have a deep love for sports, and as I began documenting the fascinating stories behind some these high school teams, I realized that there was a need to showcase some of the untold stories in the bass fishing world,” stated Jeffreys, who has over two decades of experience covering professional bass fishing.

“When you take over 20 years in the fishing industry and combine it with the relationship that Z3 MEDIA has developed with professional anglers, it brings the product to another level and takes the viewer to places that have never been explored before in the bass fishing game,” Jeffreys explained.  “It all comes down to asking the right questions.”

The premiere 20FT DEEP documentary focuses on Mike Iaconelli, one of professional bass fishing’s most recognizable, accomplished, and controversial anglers.  “Lots of people think that they know what Mike Iaconelli is all about, but there’s a lot more to his story once the tournament jersey is off and you dig into what truly drives him,” said Jeffreys, who spent several days of filming with Iaconelli at his New Jersey home in October.

20 FT DEEP featuring Mike Iaconelli will debut on Sunday, December 28 at 8:00pm EST.  The video will be streamed LIVE on and then be made available for on-demand viewing.

Immediately following the debut of 20 FT DEEP, Mike Iaconelli will be LIVE via Skype on to answer viewer questions about the documentary.   

The second 20FT DEEP feature will debut in January and give viewers an all-access pass into the life of Steve Kennedy, one of professional bass fishing’s most intriguing and naturally talented anglers (check www.20FTDEEP.COM for details and release date).  In March, 20 FT DEEP will focus on Cliff Pace, the 2013 Bassmaster Classic Champion.

About Z3 Media LLC 

Z3 Media LLC is an Oklahoma based media company specializing in web-media for high school sports and the outdoors.  Established in 1993, Z3 Media LLC has provided independent on-location coverage of every Bassmaster Elite Series tournament since 2007.